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hbk*@** wrote at Oct 27, 2022

Thx for a good shop

mbrdepi*ted@*m*il.c** wrote at Oct 24, 2022

.. was sind das für forscher die sowas behaupten !??

tim-*uller@*o*m*il.**.uk wrote at Oct 17, 2022

Product was great. Great customer service. Delivery as well. TWO THUMBS UP!

ali***8** wrote at Oct 14, 2022

Thanks, just picked my package at the post office. Arrived yesterday, picked up 2day, didnt check the quality but delivery was VERY FAST! Thanks guys!!!

fon**rd@gm*il.*om wrote at Oct 6, 2022

Great website, great service! thats all i can say he does eveything he says and he ships fast )
Thanks again for the great service!

ko*so77@*i**.fr wrote at Oct 4, 2022

Nice very good service, i pay last monday and recived my order yesterday. Verry fast delivery and 100% good produkts to....

phili***@gm** wrote at Sep 29, 2022 is ALWAYS on point. Fast, great communications. NEVER had any issues.

m16*ma*iax*13@g**il.c*m wrote at Sep 26, 2022

Shipment is 3 days overdue. Haven t had this kind of delay ever. Beginning to worry

jezm*dsuk@**** wrote at Sep 21, 2022

Super Service und immer sehr schnelle Lieferung - Danke!

th*m*li*e16@g*ail.*om wrote at Sep 14, 2022

greatest vendor ever, no joke!
respect. very good service. very good quality!

vph**001@gma**.co* wrote at Sep 10, 2022

Great product, fast delivery, amazing communication

rocketo*l*@g*ai*.co* wrote at Sep 5, 2022

Today my paket arrived even with the samples :) greeeaaat job

chelesydil**1*@*m** wrote at Aug 31, 2022

3 Days after Payment in my hands, free sample included! THANKS! YOU ARE GREAT

mb*wie40@h*t*a*l.*om wrote at Aug 24, 2022

TOP!!! Kann ich nur empfehlen hier zu kaufen!!!

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